MY GOVERNANCE is the solution conceived thanks to the experience of managers in the legal, compliance and HR world, together with the valuable support of lawyers and university professors and IT leading companies, to radically change the way of managing the internal documents, improving the efficiency and productivity of the companies themselves.

Please note that, MY GOVERNANCE is not the classic software for digitizing a signature (like some) or digitizing an archive (like others). MY GOVERNANCE has the goal to revolutionize the way in which corporate governance is managed and, therefore, to digitize not a single part of a process but the whole process that cam involve all employees, customers, agents, suppliers and so on.

MY GOVERNANCE replaces 100% paper, faxes, scans and approvals in the simplest, quickest and most reliable way in order to digitalize all document exchanges and related approval processes between companies and their employees, customers and / or suppliers.

Don’t stay behind, both small and large companies are accelerating business and saving costs. With MY GOVERNANCE, a medium-sized company can save up to 44 days of work (over 40,000 euros a year!).

"We subscribe online contracts and still ask our employees to send back the original privacy policy or our customers and suppliers to send back the original signed T & C ?!".

MY GOVERNANCE make it easier.