How does it work

The Company through MY GOVERNANCE:

  • upload a document to be submitted to employees, customers and / or suppliers or create it through a text editor
  • select who to send it (to specific employees, to one or more departments, to the entire company population to customers and / or suppliers of Lazio, etc.)

The employee, customer and / or supplier::

    • receive an alert via e-mail, click the hyperlink and access MY GOVERNANCE
  • once authenticated in the personal area – through its unique credentials – the user can view and approve the documents received.

The approved documents will be available to both employees, customers and / or suppliers and from the Company anywhere in real time.

Digital receipts, certificates, statistics and graphics will make traceability and internal verification simpler, faster and more efficient; all by using the latest generation of servers that guarantee maximum security.

With MY GOVERNANCE the internal document management, from the digital trace of the flows to the relative approval, is finally just a click away!

MY GOVERNANCE, make it easier!