Store your company's most important data in a secure repository

Normal archiving solutions do not encrypt data and therefore expose companies to serious risks

What you can do with My Archives

My Archives acts as an archive for all those sensitive documents that need to be encrypted and protected with the highest levels of security. The creation of granular permissions allows you to manage access, read and write for a single user.

The integration with My Meetings, the software for managing the Board of Directors, increases the security of meetings and at the same time makes sharing documents easier.

Share data securely

Share confidential files and folders deciding who to give read and write permissions.

Maximum freedom

The data can also be shared outside your company while keeping the security level intact.

Board of Directors and company meetings

Protect the most important documents to share with Directors, Board Members and shareholders before meetings

Uncomplicated SaaS software

The simple interface and linear approach make the use of My Archives intuitive. Create and share folders and files with just a few clicks and with the device of your choice.

Immediate activation

My Archives can be activated in a few minutes with a simple click.


Access the platform with any device (PC, tablet and smartphone).


The application can be integrated with any language.


We protect your data

As a company that offers Legal Tech services, we are well aware of the value of privacy. For this reason, the data uploaded to the platform are never shared with others.

4 encryption levels

You can select the encryption level according to the confidentiality of the documents.


Each document is marked with a watermark which always allows the recipient to be identified.

Maximum security

Market leading security on EU servers.

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My Governance - Zucchetti for the protection of your data, having read the privacy policy

Secure your data