What is for

MY GOVERNANCE is the first software that allows companies to receive document approvals digitally; from sending to approving.

Please note that, MY GOVERNANCE is not the classic software for digitizing a signature (like some) or digitizing an archive (like others). MY GOVERNANCE has the goal to revolutionize the way in which corporate governance is managed and, therefore, to digitize not a single part of a process but the whole process that cam involve all employees, customers, agents, suppliers and so on.

Even in well organized companies it is very difficult to manage these flows correctly and clearly and, above all, to keep track of them.

Codes of conduct, policies, internal regulations, guidelines, information, privacy appointments, terms and conditions (T & C) etc., are often given to employees, customers and / or suppliers and filed in paper form.

But when you need to consult these documents, can companies do that? Do they really know where to get them? Did they really track the approval of all employees, customers and / or suppliers? Have they requested approval of the last update? And above all, can they waste all this time?

The solution has arrived: MY GOVERNANCE!

MY GOVERNANCE simplifies, digitizes and speeds up internal flows, keeps track of them and creates reports for immediate consultation, eliminating most of the paperwork in the company.

No more documents lost!
No more inconspicuous files and obsolete archives!
No more uncertainty!

Furthermore, certainty, traceability and safety are the prerequisites for obtaining the ISO, OHSAS and all the other certifications.