The simple and powerful electronic signature for businesses

With My Approvals you have any document approved and signed with the device of your choice

Do you want to save 70% of your time?

The electronic signature is the necessary tool to optimally manage the signature and approval processes that take place every day in the company. With My Approvals you can send a document to be signed to a single recipient or to thousands of users in less than 2 minutes, and save 70% of the time in collecting subscriptions.

Furthermore, My Approvals, unlike other simple signature systems, tracks and records all the steps of the signature process, thus guaranteeing the accountability and compliance of each single approval process.

Full legal value

All signed documents are certified and have full legal value.

Innovative dashboard

The dashboard reports the progress of the approvals in real time.


Access the platform with any device (PC, tablet and smartphone).

Automatic reminders

Remind those who have not signed yet with automatic reminders and speed up the collection of signatures.

Choose the type of signature​

Choose the type of signature you prefer, including the graphic one. You can store up to 3 for each user.

Full archiving

Storing and conservation of signed documents and the entire approval process.

As soon as we made the use of My Approvals official, we had real-time subscriptions even above expectations. We presented it in a simple way internally, making it clear that the effects of introducing My Approvals could be immediate.

Luana Mancini

Head of HR Services and Administrative Products (DRU) – BNL BNP Paribas Group

Workflows and templates to manage even the most complex scenarios

Create custom templates to reproduce entire workflows and associate them with a standardized process, so you save time and don’t make mistakes. You can manage even the most complex scenarios such as having multiple people sign the same document in sequence.

Template library

Create your library of custom templates to standardize and control each process.

Advanced workflows​

With workflows you can also manage complex cases such as when you have to address different documents to different people.

Key fields

With key fields, such as e-mail, registration number or tax code, you can automate the sending process without making mistakes.

Registry management

With just a few clicks you can upload your customer and supplier lists by importing excel or csv files.

Simple to use

Ease of use is ensured, both for simple and more complicated operations.

In presence and remotely

Unlimited productivity. Manage any process remotely and optimize your time management.


Security and privacy

Security and privacy are two concepts that must be developed consistently to ensure data protection and comply with current privacy regulations. My Approvals was developed to be GDPR compliant by design and using the most advanced technologies to ensure the highest standard of security.

ISO certifications

My Governance – Zucchetti has ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certifications, the highest level of information security assurance available today.

GDPR compliant

The solution is fully compliant with Italian and European legislation on the protection of personal data.

Data encryption

Encrypted data both front-end and back-end with an advanced asymmetric encryption system.

Strong authentication

Multi Factor Authentication to increase the security of access to the platform.

Server hosting in Europe

All data is stored and managed on servers located in Europe.


Archiving of documents and timestamps which certify the legal value of signature.

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