Whistleblowing software, the Zucchetti solution for managing reports of crimes

All companies with more than 50 employees must have whistleblowing software

Whistleblowing software, the Zucchetti solution for managing reports of crimes

All companies with more than 50 employees and all companies that have Model 231 must have whistleblowing software

What you need to know about Legislative Decree 24/2023 (Whistleblowing Decree)

Zucchetti’s whistleblowing software is the solution for complying with Decree 24/2023 which transposes EU Directive 2019/1937 on whistleblowing, and which provides for the obligation to have channels for reporting internal offenses, i.e. a specific IT platform, which can guarantee the confidentiality of the personal data of the whistleblower and of the report itself.


ANAC can impose fines from 10,000 to 50,000 euros against defaulting companies or companies that are not compliant with current regulations.

Obliged subjects

By 17 December, all companies with more than 50 employees and all companies that have adopted Model 231, even if they have fewer than 50 employees, will have to comply.​

The Zucchetti solution

My Whistleblowing is the platform designed and developed to comply with Legislative Decree 24/2023 and which follows the ANAC guidelines.

With Zucchetti you have everything you need to adapt to the new regulatory obligation

Software whistleblowing

Whistleblowing Software

My Whistleblowing is the software developed to manage reports of offenses in a simple and safe way.

Gestione delle segnalazioni di illeciti

Outsourcing of reporting management

We handle the reports so the company does not need to dedicate a person or an office to this task.

Consulenza Whistleblowing

Consulting 360

Personalized whistleblowing consultancy based on your real business needs.

software gestione delle segnalazioni di illeciti


Do you need to train the corporate population on whistleblowing? We provide specific courses.

The My Governance platform allows you to mediate communication and enhance the IT support that has been suggested to us by the European Commission. We have adopted this system and let me tell you it works very well. The system works in an absolutely consistent manner with the regulatory data.

Cosimo Pacciolla

Avv. Cosimo Pacciolla

Head of Legal Risk Management & Integrated Compliance - Kuwait Petroleum Italia S.p.A.

Some of our customers

My Whistleblowing is the whistleblowing software to manage the entire reporting process in a simple and secure way

What does the Legislative Decree 24/2023

My Whistleblowing

(Art. 4) The subjects of the public sector and the subjects of the sector private [...] activate, pursuant to this article, own reporting channels, which guarantee, also through the use of encryption tools, the confidentiality of the identity of the reporting person, of the person involved and of the person in any case mentioned in the report, as well as the content of the report and the related documentation.

My Whistleblowing ensures the confidentiality of the whistleblower and the content of the report using AES 256 encryption. All data and documents are stored and managed on Microsoft Azure certified servers in the EU.

(Article 5). As part of the management of the internal reporting channel, the person or the internal office or the external subject, to whom the management of the internal reporting channel is entrusted the following activities: a) issue the reporting person with acknowledgment of receipt of the report within seven days from the date of receipt; c) diligent damage following the reports received; d) provide a response to the report within three months of date of the acknowledgment of receipt or, in the absence of such acknowledgment, by three months after the expiry of the seven-day period presentation of the report.

The platform includes alert, reminder and management of deadlines functions to always be compliant with the Decree. There are fines of up to 50,000 euros in the event of failure to verify and analyze the reports received.

(Article 14). Reports, internal and external, and the related documentation are kept for the time necessary for processing of the report and in any case no later than five years from date of communication of the final outcome of the procedure reporting, in compliance with the confidentiality obligations referred to in in article 12 of this decree and the principle referred to in Articles 5(1)(e) of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 e 3, paragraph 1, letter e), of legislative decree n. 51 of 2018.

The platform allows you to automatically manage the retention of reports in compliance with the criteria established by the Decree. Thus errors are avoided and handling is much simpler and safer.

The whistleblowing software that optimizes and simplifies the work of whistleblowing managers

Guaranteed communication

The platform allows dialogue and sending of documents between the whistleblower and the manager to allow for the integration of information useful for completing the investigation.

Software SaaS​

The software is completely self-contained to ensure that the company's IT department has no access to reports.

Alert and reminder

The platform includes alert and reminder functions to comply with the timing of the Decree.

Private chat​

Report managers can confidentially exchange information on each individual report, always protecting the data of the reporting entity.

Intelligent system

It is possible to activate the automatic sorting of reports based on the type of offence.

Restricted area

Reserved area for managing reports with dedicated functions. A single repository that tracks and historicises information.

Documentation and templates

We provide you with all the support you need to comply with Italian legislation (Legislative Decree 24/2023):

  • Assistance in drafting whistleblowing procedures
  • Documentation, manuals and instructional videos
  • Texts for communications to whistleblowers and whistleblower managers
  • Training for all company personnel

My Whistleblowing.
The simple and safe platform for whistleblowers​

Simple to use

Simple and intuitive interface, suitable for any level of computer literacy of the whistleblower.

Confidentiality guarantee

The platform does not track access to the application and separates the content of the report from the identity of the reporting party.

GDPR compliant

It complies with national and international data protection standards such as the GDPR.


The platform supports the main languages ​​and it is always possible to add more.

Facilitate collaboration

The whistleblower always has a way of integrate and update the data of the reports and to collaborate with the manager during the investigation.


Use the platform from any device (PC, tablet and smartphone). No apps are needed to install.

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