The smart and compliant management of the accesses of guests, suppliers and customers in your company

My Receptionist is the software that allows you to manage the procedure for registering guests in your company in a compliant manner.

Convey the image of a modern company with My Receptionist

With My Receptionist you can manage the accesses of guests, suppliers and customers in a simpler and more efficient way. The platform allows you to create customized forms and to collect informed consent on documents required by law such as: privacy, security, etc.

In addition, you can differentiate the data based on the type of guest and the place (office, establishment, etc.) where they were collected.

Manage company access

Everything becomes simpler and faster with the digitization of your reception.

Differentiate users by type

Effectively manage guests by type: visitors, suppliers, customers, etc.

Communicate more efficiently

With the notification system, the reception knows the expected guests in real time and in advance.

For an integrated compliance

Respecting compliance plays a fundamental role in avoiding legal and reputational risks. By using the My Receptionist electronic signature, all documents sent to guests can also be signed with full legal value.

Full legal value

All signed documents have full legal value.

GDPR Compliant

All our solutions fully comply with Italian and European legislation.


All processes are fully tracked to ensure regulatory compliance.

Simple to use

The simple interface and linear approach make using My Receptionist intuitive. Plus, as SaaS software it doesn’t require any installation.

Immediate activation

My Approvals can be activated in a few minutes with a simple click.

Manage multiple companies

Manage multiple companies, receptions and multiple roles with one account.


Access the platform with any device (PC, tablet and smartphone).


Security and privacy

The checklist function allows you to keep the list of attendees under control and to verify the completeness of the registration procedures. In the event of environmental safety problems, the receptionist can search and print visitor lists.

The complete attendance list can only be consulted by the receptionist, thus respecting the privacy of visitors.

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My Receptionist is the software for managing access to company visitors, suppliers and customers